Here Are The 3 Most Effective DIY Blackhead Peel Off Masks

Are you tired of stubborn blackheads ruining your beauty? These black spots can be downright disturbing. Just when it goes out of control, you might be rushing towards the parlors to give them the deserved treatment. What if you get a perfect DIY cure that you can manage at your home.

We have handpicked just the best home remedies for your blackhead concerns. These DIY peel-off masks easily remove dirt and dead skin and give you a glowing skin with zero blackheads. Blackhead removal can’t get any easier than these, and you spend almost nothing. So here are the three remedial face masks that actually work.

1. Milk and Gelatin Peel-Off Mask

Things you need:

Raw and fresh milk

ed gelatin

What to do:

Start with opening up your pores. You can do it by applying some vapor or a warm cloth on your face. Now, take milk and gelatin (a tablespoon each) in a bowl and heat it in an oven. Stir it to get a thick gel. Now apply this uniformly on your face with a cotton ball, and let it dry. Peel it off once completely dry and watch the blackheads disappear.

2. Egg White and Lemon Juice Peel-Off Mask

Things Egg White and Lemon Juice Peel-Off Maskyou need:

Egg white
Fresh lemon juice

What to do:

Cleanse your face properly to let the mask stick around. Now take out the white portion of your egg and blends it well with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. You get a thin paste like mixture. Apply the paste all everywhere on your face except the areas near your eyes. Leave it to dry for about half an hour. Peel it off after it dries, and rinse with a mild cleanser. Your skin will be free of blackheads and full of shine.

Egg White and Lemon Juice Peel-Off Mask

3. Orange Peel Powder and Milk Peel-Off Mask

Things you need:

Orange peel powder
Fresh raw milk

What to do:

Let the orange peel dry under the sun and make a fine powder of it. Now take this powder with fresh raw milk (a tablespoon each) and mix them well to get a medium dense paste. Apply it consistently on your face and let dry for half an hour. Peel it off slowly after it dries and rinses off your face with lukewarm water. Unclogged pores, disappeared blackheads, removed dead cells are the things you achieve as a result.


What more can you ask? These remedies are easy, DIY, and almost without any expenditure. Despite being that easy, these treatments give stunning results. So do it the intelligent way.

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