How to style naturally curly hair

How to style naturally curly hair | Step By Step Guide Updated 2017

You may find stubborn to style your naturally curly hair, it may more occurred during harsh weather. It may seem pathetic as rough weather can give you crinkly, dry and frizz hair. But it can more simple for you to make style your naturally curly hair if you habitat with a perfect haircut, confirm your hair proper moisturizer and practice appropriate products. Following ways should follow step by step How to style naturally curly hair:

Steps for styling naturally Curly Hair:

Step-1: Proper haircut selection:

  • Type of curly hair should keep in mind: All curly hair is not alike. Curly hair can extend from free wave to compact, crinkly curls.

Free wave hair will tend to fall flat in the top portion .For shaping your curly hairstyle this top portion will ideal.

On the other hand, without dragging on the strands crinkly hair needs to cut. To get desirable shape in the easiest way cut your hair while it still forms a curl.

  • Clean your hair prior to give a cut: it will wise if you clean your hair and dry before cut. Always you should try to use a deep moisturizer on the day of cut because it will help your stylist to decide which cut will suit on you.
  • First cut then use a color: Straight hair is easy to handle but in case of curly hair you should cut your hair when dry after that use a color or dye. This coloring or dyeing will permit your hair wet and it will not stay as curly as typical.
  • Give layer on your hair: As length of curly hair is not same and they scattered on the top all the side so depending on the length light or deep layer can be done.

Step-2: Hair preparation for style

  • Keratin rich shampoo and conditioner selection: keratin is responsible for keeping the hair frizz free and straight. You should select your shampoo, conditioner having main ingredient as keratin and especially made for curly hair.
  • Care about conditioner: Apply conditioner after shampoo and do not wash conditioner out and out during shower. It will help to keep your hair moist all day long and give you more confident.
  • Use an old, soft t-shirt: Using a towel can create friction and make your hair frizz and always avoid rubbing hair with towel. So, use an old, soft t-shirt to dry your hair after shower that will keep your hair less crinkly.
  • Consider the weather: Before went out you should check the daily weather and according to this need to prepare your hair. Weather has the great impact on the frizz of your hair.
  • Planning: if you are in hurry and your hair is not cooperating then you can use headbands, braids and updos to keep your curly hair under control. You also can learn about different hair tools and process to tame your hair according to your choice.

Step-3: Practicing appropriate product

  • Don’t brush your hair before drying: if you try to brush your hair while drying it can give you the negative effect i.e. it will make your hair more frizz and crinkly. So let your hair dry alone.
  • Product selection: The dew point has the strongest effect on your curls hair. A humectant product that attracts and absorb moisture during dry weather and an anti-humectant product that repeals the moisture during wet weather you can choose. On the other hand an alternative product you may need when weather is not favorable for you.
  • Dew point ranges for product selection:

Below 30 degrees: avoid use of humectant as moisture is available outside.

30-40 degrees: may be used to see that whether works well or not.

40-60 degrees: it is the best dew point and use humectant regularly for moisturizer treatment and that will keep your hair moisturized at the same time.

Above 60 degrees: leave in conditioner and humectant you may want to avoid as there is lots of moisture in the atmosphere. You may cling to gel like product to manage your hair.

  • The curl cream, gel and mousse application: during wet weather take a little amount of these products in your palm and apply smoothly from bottom to top. You need to apply all the side carefully.
  • Use a towel on your shoulder: In case of long hair, to keep your clothes clean you can use a towel on your shoulder.
  • Flat pin curl clips use: Use of curl pin at the roots of your hairs will help them to stand up and dry with more volume.
  • Have patient: Still your hair may wet and if you touch it may cause friction between the hairs. As a result frizz can occur in your hair. Before giving them final crunch it should make sure they are completely dry.
  • Use diffuser for drying: If you have much time you can air dry your hair naturally but if you want to use a hairdryer, you should use a diffuser. Diffuser should set at high heat and low speed. Mostly used bucked shaped diffuser is well for curl hairs and it permits air to circulate for drying your hair without blowing it across the place.
  • Crunching curls: After completely drying hair crunch to break the gel layer. For this you need to take a handful of hair and crunch as like as you are crumpling a piece of paper. Stop when you feel soft and avoid excessive crunching.
  • Use of Hair Straightener: By Using Hair straighteners its very  easy and  quick way to tame curly, frizzy, or unruly hair

Others tip:

Fix up a few curly hairs with the help of a curling iron if you want. As heat is damaging for hair it will wise to avoid heat as much as possible.

A curl refresher you may use that will help to reactivate your product and give your curl bouncy for the rest of the time.


Hope these simple tips will useful for you to reduce your difficulties to manage your naturally curls hair. Apply these steps in your hair and make your hair much shiny, manageable.

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