How to Use a Facial Steamer

Here is How to Use a Facial Steamer Effectively

 A facial steamer is so much useful to improve the shining of the skin. It helps to uncover the pore, remove the dark material which clogs the pore and facilitate to remove the blackheads, toxins and destroy any bacterial microorganisms that are injurious to skin. People who are suffering from the skin with acne problems can get the most benefit using facial steamer treatment. Due to facial steaming blood circulation of the skin arises and keeps the face refreshed. Facial steaming is not so costly and can be done at home by taking some easy move.

A facial steamer is an instrument which is mainly used to produce steam to treat the face or skin. Use of facial steamer is not new to the people and they have been using it from the ancient time. In that period people used a pot or bowl filled with warm water to complete their facial steaming. But at the present time electrical or battery operated facial steamer has been constructed and used.

Steps How to Use a Facial Steamer :

Step 1: To initiate facial steaming one must take 1-1.5 cup of water at the steamer and then have to switch on the steamer.

Step 2: In the meantime, removal of makeup or washing the face with cleanser needs to be done and face must be dried with a towel .This will help to free the pore during the steaming process.

Step 3: When the water is boiled and steam comes out, set up your face above the steamer. Maintain at least 10 inches distance, this will protect your face from burn out.

Step 4: Use a big towel to cover your head and it will hold the steam. Steam your face for 6-10 minutes and take break to avoid any hazardous effect.

Step 5: After steaming smoothly flake the skin and wash out with clean cold water. The face should be dried with a towel before going to the next step.

Step 6: The next step is to use a suitable mask. Mask should be kept for 15-20 minutes, remove respectively with lukewarm & clean cool water and then use a towel to dry the face.

Step 7: Finally use a toner with the help of cotton ball which should be followed by a moisturizer to prevent the skin from dehydration (olive oil, jujube oil, coconut oil etc. can be used as a moisturizer) .After that, you’ll feel that your skin has become smoother and fresh than before.

For More Benefits:

Dry skin: rose water, comfrey, lavender etc.

Oily skin: lemongrasses, rosemary, lavender etc.

Skin with acne: tea extract oil, chamomile oil etc.

These additions can be used on the hot water during facial steaming to get extra benefits.

Cautions to bear in mind:

  • Removal of makeup or use of facial cleanser prior to steaming.
  • Maintaining proper distance from the steamer to face to reduce inflammation of the skin.
  • Using a suitable toner, mask & moisturizer to prevent skin problem.
  • In a case of any acute acne problems consult with skin specialist before applying facial steamer.


As facial steaming is not so time-consuming, can easily be done at home. It’s economical and will enlighten your skin even without much difficulty. It will save the purse, give your skin a revival and you will become youthful. Let’s make a try to see that desired result.


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