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A humidifier is an electrical device which is generally used to produce water vapor and discharge in specific place. Location either be a unit of room or office or the entire house. But in case of entire house you have to set up a long line entire house humidifier channel work.

It can also be said, a humidifier is an electric apparatus which improve air quality, remove dryness and give pleasure by keeping dry air moist. A humidifier can easily prevent various diseases such as influenza, asthma, allergy etc. and protect from dry skin, chapped lips, frequent electric shock and cracking of wood furniture those are causes by dry and cold air. Though a humidifier is important for many works nevertheless extra moisture can create mildew, health anxiety and so many problems. So, a humidifier should set as a best level to keep up balance humidity in the desired place.

Types of humidifier:

Based on function they are mainly two types:

  • Cool mist &
  • Warm mist

On the other hand, it can also be:

  1. Manufactured humidifier: This humidifier is especially designed to keep up a specific level of humidity for workers or residents in the industry to check the static electric build up, protect materials qualities and make sure a comfortable healthy environment.

In industry static electricity is dominate in different sectors such as packaging, printing, papers, textiles, pharmaceuticals and automobile manufacturing etc. and due to static electricity when humidity below 45% than static buildup and sparks can produce by friction. To restrain shrinkage and paper curl, to keep up freshness of foods, vegetables in cold room various manufactured humidifier is used.

  1. Bearable humidifier: Size of a bearable humidifier may range from a small unit to a large base-mounted unit and it requires manually a periodic filling of unit with water.

It is of several types:

  • Evaporative humidifier
  • Natural humidifier
  • Impeller humidifier &
  • Ultrasonic humidifier
  1. Far-fetched air humidifier: A humidifier for building with a far-fetched chimney has to settle into the chimney. They can enhance the humidity in the surrounding atmosphere and the workers may feel warm in the lowest temperature. This humidifier can save money, protect wood furniture, ancient materials and others things those are tend to damage under dry air.

Bypass humidifier and spray mist humidifier are types of far-fetched humidifier. Drum, disc wheels and bypass flow through are use in bypass humidifier.

A small pipe is use in spray mist to bring water directly in the valve which is electrically set up but bypass humidifier is use to connect between the water channels. Heated water came back to the chimney with the help of bypass flow.

During summer seasons humidifier should powerless it you want to use an air conditioner because air conditioner works better on low indoor humidity.

 Difficulty of a humidifier:

Tap water has a large amount of minerals which causes formation white dust on the humidifier and spread over the furniture. Besides, dusts are mostly attracted by the static electric devices and thus instruments get damaged. However this difficulty can be solved by using distilled water in the humidifier. On the hand a pierce or malfunctioning water supply may another reason to cause huge amount of water losses if they are not detected in proper that case a water alarm with automated shutoff will be greatest solution for this difficulty.

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