Vicks Humidifier reviews

Why Is Everyone Talking About Vicks Humidifier Reviews?

A humidifier is for making the air moisten and relax to breath. During winter, the weather gets dry and cold which is not skin friendly for many. Moreover the dry air allows bacteria and virus to create cold and flu. To get relax from a sore throat and ruining nose, the humidifier is best. Vicks, we all know this awesome cold fighter brand. It is very much popular in helping to fight cold and flu. This brand has some humidifier, which has the technology to kill the bacteria and virus in your room air. It helps a lot to give a good night sleep. Here I will talk about Vicks humidifier reviews, which will help you to pick the best Vicks humidifier in town. You will get many options, but you have to select the perfect one for your room.

Why should you trust us?

I am working with the humidifier for five years. The humidifier is mainly designed to help those who are sensitive to medication and catches a cold very often. And I am also very allergic to dry weather and have the problem with dry air. So I have a humidifier for my purpose. So you can see why you should trust us. I care about my customers, and I feel the pain that they are also going through.

How did we pick?

With a humidifier, you can increase humidity and make your dry air less dry. Because dry air is responsible for many health issues like the nosebleed, allergy, etc. So you can guess how important the humidifier is for your health.

While picking, you have to choose some features:

1) Unit size:

Size matters, because all the humidifier is made for the certain room size. If you want to mist your air in some specific areas, then you have to use a portable humidifier. By going through the Vicks humidifier reviews, you can guess which size will be best for you.

2) Cool or Warm Mist Humidifier:

You have to decide which humidifier is required. The environment your room will help you to decide. The cool humidifier is for warm air, and warm humidifier is for cold air. So make sure to check the air of your room environment and select the humidifier.

3) Humidistat:

Humidistat is best for controlling your room’s humidity level. An ideal humidity level is 45%-50%. It is perfect for your environment. But if the level goes higher, then the environment helps to build mites, spores in your room. So the humidifier must have humidistat built in which will prevent to grow unhealthy environment.

4) Inorganic Dust:

You will notice after using the humidifier, you will see some white dust on your furniture. This is inorganic dust and t is not good for your health. So you have to choose such humidifier which does not create mineral dust.

5) Shut Down:

Humidifiers without automatic shutdown option are very dangerous. Because it will start the fire if the humidifier keeps running, even the water is finished. So choose the humidifier, which has automatic shutdown option.

6) Maintenance and Cleaning:

Every product needs proper maintenance and cleaning. So do a humidifier need it. But some humidifier needs frequent cleaning and maintenance. It is quite tough. The humidifier needs to be user-friendly and easy maintenance. This will save time and cost more.

7) Noise:

It is normal to have the noisy humidifier, but too much noise is not allowed. Because maximum humidifier will be used for a relaxing good night sleep. So make sure you have the humidifier with calm and soothing sound.

8) Filter:

A humidifier with filter replacement is not required. You have to look for filter free humidifier.

9) Moisten your furniture:

After using the humidifier, you may see that your furniture and carpet may get wet. So try to use a humidifier, which is, not creates so much moist in the air.

How we tested?

I took every humidifier from a market and used every single one of them. I also recommended my friends and family to use it. Then I noted down all the pros and cons of the humidifiers. This testing process helped me a lot choose the best one for my valuable customers. After selecting the best ones, my Vicks humidifier review was easy to write.

At a glance of Vicks humidifier reviews:

Vicks Vul520w Filter-free Cool Mist Humidifier is very helpful for giving relief from cold and flu. Your child and old citizen will have a good night sleep.
Those who have the problem with medicine and children can use Vicks 1.0 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier to get relax a form sore throat and running nose.
If you are looking for something unique humidifier for your baby’s room, then use Vicks Sweetdreams Cool Mist Humidifier. Your baby will sleep with peace and colorful mind after seeing the image.
MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is perfect for any medium size room. Your air will be cool and fresh.
If you want a humidifier with germ cooling technology, then Vicks Incorporated V3900 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier is for you. Your air will be purified and free from all kinds of germs and unhealthy build up.

2017’s review of the best Vicks humidifier

#1. Vicks Vul520w Filter-free Cool Mist Humidifier:

The Vicks Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier is best for giving relief from a cough and hard breath. Thus, you will get a good night sleep. The humidifier creates relaxing mist, which helps to provide relive cold. The humidifier has joined scent pad warmer where you can use the Vicks Vapo pads to get the relaxing scent. There is different humidity control option on this machine. When your vapor gets empty, your machine will shut down automatic. The machine size is perfect for the small room like bedroom or nursery. This humidifier has transparent .5 gallon, which helps you to monitor the water level quickly. You can clean the tanker easily. This filter free humidifier is adorable.


• Adjustable humidity control.
• The capacity of this filter is .5 gallon.
• You can use this filter for 10 hours.
• Has integrated scent pad warmer.
• Automatic shutdown option when the vapor ends.


• You will get the filterless humidifier. So there is no chance of replacing.
• The humidifier is easy cleaning.
• User-friendly design and portable.
• The humidifier has different range of humidity control;
• With the device, you will get free from coughing and nose jamming.


• For big room the product is not fit;
• Can give you support till 10 hours.

#2. Vicks 1.0 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier:

This humidifier is best for flu season. Having flu and cold is the common disease in a winter season. So having this humidifier is beneficial for them who has the cold allergy. With the vapor, that the humidifier provides helps to give comfort in a cough, running nose and painful throat. This humidifier is best for children and people with sensitivity in medicine. The humidifier is low noise machine and provides humidity, which keeps the environment moist and helps to eliminate bacteria and virus. The transparent tank, which holds water, is easy to fill and helps to create 1.2-gallon vapor in the air. The air stays in the air for 18 hours. You can control the humidity settings form high to low.


• Provides cool mist in weather, which helps to fight flu and cold symptoms.
• The moisture level is controlled with special evaporative.
• The gallon tank is 1.0 and easy to fill. The vapor will stay till 18 hours.
• Comfort settings are two option.
• The tray is dishwasher proof.
• User-friendly feature.


• Easy to fill.
• Do not get dirty easily. Easy to clean humidifier.


• The seal gets leak often.
• The feature is not durable.

#3. Vicks Sweetdreams Cool Mist Humidifier:

Cold and flu is the worst enemy while sleep. To give relief try to use Vicks Sweetdreams Cool Mist Humidifier. You will feel relief and enjoy a good night sleep. The best thing about this humidifier is it has the projection system. You will get 3-theme projection. These projections help to give a sweet sleep to children creating a beautiful environment. While showing the projection, the humidifier releases mist in the room, which is cold and flu fighter. This humidifier accepts 2 Vicks vapor pads which create relaxing ling lasting menthol vapor. Medium size room can be perfect for this vapor creator. No noise will be heard when the vapor is created. The humidifier automatic shuts down when the vapor is finish. The tank is transparent and easy to clean. This humidifier is the best humidifier for the bedroom.


• Has three types of projection themes – starry night, safari and sea. The projection rotates the images in particular time.
• You can insert 2 Vicks scent pads.
• User-friendly design and cleaning option.
• The vapor stays for 24 hours.


• Best humidifier for children.
• The size and design are unique and standard.
• Easy to clean and use.
• The projection theme is appreciable.


•Water gets the leak from the tank.

#4. MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier:

If you feel that your air is dry and your skin and baby skin is not coping with the air, then try MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. Your dry air will get moisturize. This good-looking, powerful humidifier cool mist is very much responsible for improving the air quality of your room.
The tank is 1.5-liter and delivers humidity up to 150 milliliters in the air, which moistens the environment. You can get service up to 16 hours. You can select which part to need to be moistened by the help of 360-degree mist nozzle.


• This humidifier is best ultra-sonic humidifier. You will get safe and wet air, which helps to easy breath and a good night sleep.
• You can control the speed by settings, which is adjustable and comfortable.
• The water tank is 1.5 liter.
• Any medium size room is perfect for this humidifier.
• Have a night light glow, which helps you to be relaxed.
• The humidifier gets automatic shutdown whenever the water is ending.


• The best humidifier to fight cold and flu.
• Gives relax and better sleep.
• You can control the humidity level.
• The harmful elements of water do not stay because of the cartridge.
• Relaxing menthol scent helps to give a good night sleep.
• Perfect for medium size room.
• Service goes for 12 hours.


• This humidifier product is big.
• Not reasonable in price.
• Needs special care, like clean and operating.

#5. Vicks Incorporated V3900 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier:

If you want to enjoy a good night sleep and breath better than fit Vicks Incorporated V3900 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier in your room. This humidifier has germ killing technology, which kills any bacteria, and virus you name. Just use the humidifier for just two hours, your air will be fresh and clean. This air purifier is large room humidifier. It has the self-evaporative system.


• Has 1-gallon tank, which helps you to run for 24 hours.
• Kills virus, fungus, and bacteria 99.9%.
• Contributes to maintaining the air moisturizing automatically.


• You can use it in the large room.
• Your room air will be pure and fresh.
• Great product in great price.
• Easy to clean and fill.


• Gets leak quickly.


After going through Vicks humidifier reviews, you will get the clear picture about why you have to own one humidifier for your room. Vicks humidifier helps you to get rid of any virus and bacteria, which are responsible for cold and flu. If you get a cough, running nose, then the humidifier will help you by keeping you relax. Your breathing air will also get fresh and germ-free. Just make sure you have the right humidifier for the right room. If you have the cold allergy and get flu often, then a humidifier is very important for you. Just check on some honest reviews and get one for you. If you have the baby, then choose the right one, because baby skin is very sensitive. So take an experienced advice and prepare to have a relaxing good night sleep with the perfect Vicks humidifier.

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